Having spent the first 21 years of her life avidly absorbing content, Madison Van Buren is finally creating her own as director and editor. She is currently based in Columbus, where she works primarily with the Adobe Creative Suite and Canon/Sony video equipment. Born a child of the internet, Madison’s interests are deeply affected by the popular culture and technology of today. Hollywood movies, music videos, and even Youtube first inspired her to pursue a career in film - but it was the world of tech that drove her to begin editing and manipulating footage. She is focused on exploring the world of 3D animation, virtuality reality, and more through the lens of film. With that, she creates both experimental and commercial work. Her flexibility, sincerity, and hunger to create separates Madison from those before her.


Always ready for the next creative challenge, Madison has worked in a variety of environments and been assigned a multitude of roles. She has interned at the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, worked on set for a feature film, and collaborated with her college-aged peers to produce original content. She is currently studying at the Columbus College of Art & Design.  

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